Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Birthday Nails

So...heute möchte ich euch zeigen, wie schön meine Nägel an meinem Geburtstag gefunkelt haben :D
Mir persönlich gefällt diese Kombination richtig gut. Ich finde es toll für spezielle Anlässe...
Über die Festtage verschönere ich meine Nägel wieder mit dieser Traumkombi!
Zuerst habe ich zwei Schichten Captain Sparrow's Boat aus dem Catrice Sortiment lackiert. Das Ganze habe ich mit dem The Huntsman Topper aus der Snow White LE von essence verschönert. Danach habe ich die Kombi mit dem Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer versiegelt.
Habt ihr bemerkt, dass die Fotos besser geworden sind? Jaja, das liegt an meiner neuen Kamera:D Ihr dürft euch auf hübsche Fotos freuen...
Was haltet ihr von dieser Kombi?

Today I want to show you my birthday nails. I really like this combination... It's perfect for special occasions. I am definitely going to do it again over the holidays. So glittery and gold :D I love it.
Well first I applied two coats of Captain Sparrow's Boat from the Catrice collection. After that I used a special effect topper from the Snow White LE from essence. This one is called The Huntsman. To finish this design i used the Better Than Gel Nails Top Sealer from essence.
By the way...Did you notice that my pictures have a better quality? I got a new camera and I'm so happy.
How do you like this combination?


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah this topper is great :-) i hope that it will go good with other colors too...i really love glittery nails....already ordered a new topper...yeah i`m addicted to nailpolish...

  2. yeah :) that makes two of us xD I can't live without red shades of nail polish :D I think this golden Snow white topper would look great on a darker shade of red nail polish :D

    1. red nail polish is always good...just so classy...
      oh btw. i went to buy another golden topper from this limited edition...for you of course...
      i was surprised that i still found it because everyone was so excited about this le...
      haha...actually the snow white topper was hidden under lots of catrice nail polishes;) it's like the store doesn't want people to find

  3. you are so kind :)
    thank you very much,I was searching for it here but that LE is a little bit late here,we are still stucked with that Marblemania-thing LE -.-'' thank you once again =)